Leda Premium WordPress Theme

Leda Premium WordPress Theme
Leda Premium WordPress Theme
Leda is a light, bright and minimalist WordPress blog theme. Therefore Leda is a perfect blog theme for bloggers and lovers of minimal design and elegant typography.

Leda Features 

#1. Customizer
Leda use WordPress Customizer as the theme options! WordPress Customizer is a new and exciting feature that combines theme options with the ability to live preview those changes before saving them!Also,you have ability to change/customize almost all element in the theme like typography, upload custom logo and favicon, change the background color, header, menu, footer, etc! 
#2. Responsive
Don’t worry. We got it covered. We know your visitors mostly visit your site from mobile devices. Who else aren’t? 
#3. SEO Optimize & Schema.Org Markup

We build this theme very carefully to optimize the SEO area. Also, we
integrate this theme with Schema.Org markup. Even, Google recommend
Schema.Org markup to use because it will help the crawl easier to read
your website.#4. Multiple Post/Page Layouts
Leda has features to change the layout per post/page basis. Please check the link to see the layout in action.
  1. Full Width layout : Display the content in a full width mode or without sidebar.
  2. Left Sidebar layout : Display the content with sidebar on the left.
  3. Right Sidebar layout : Display the content with sidebar on the right.
#5. Post Formats
Leda support 8 Post Formats:
  • Standard
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Quote
  • Aside
  • Link
  • Video
  • Audio
#6. 2 Home Page Variation
Leda has 2 variation for home page:
  1. Home Standard
  2. Home Grid
#7. Popup Gallery
Leda has a built-in popup effect for WordPress gallery, please try it out and click the gallery image.#8. Custom Widgets
Leda also provide 9 custom widgets for you to add more content variation to the sidebar. Here’s the widgets list
  1. Advertisement: Easily to show your custom ads, adsense, amazon, etc.
  2. Feedburner: Allow your reader to subscribe your posts through feedburner service.
  3. Popular Posts Thumbnail: Display popular posts by comments along with thumbnail and post date.
  4. Random Posts Thumbnail: Display random posts along with thumbnail and post date.
  5. Recent Posts Thumbnail: An improvement over the default recent posts widget, including thumbnail.
  6. Twitter Timeline: Display an official Twitter Embedded Timeline widget.
  7. Facebook Like Box: Display your Facebook page like box.
  8. Social Icons: Display your social profile icons.
  9. Video: Easily to display your video from some popular video website such as youtube, video, etc
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