BlackBerry Priv Phone Review

BlackBerry Priv Phone Review
BlackBerry Priv Phone Review

BlackBerry returns to form with the Priv, its first Android handset. It's the first time for a long time that BlackBerry has been including in the list of best smartphones, but this is a serious handset worthy of serious consideration, whether you're a BlackBerry fan or an Android fan.

It is a slider handset with a huge 5.4-inch display, offering all the benefits of the latest Android devices, with a physical keyboard that BlackBerry users will find familiar.

It's blessed with BlackBerry Hub and a range of BlackBerry shortcuts and features lifted from BB handsets and reinvented for Android. The result is an innovative handset that offers some charming twists, like the pop-up widgets and battery charging indicator, which both show software nouse from BlackBerry.

It's not the fastest handset around, the camera isn't the best and it lacks a fingerprint scanner, while demanding top-draw prices for its wares at £559. However, BlackBerry continues to update the software, so some of those early complaints will likely be wiped out.

Choose the BlackBerry Priv because you want a physical keyboard and a device that's very apt at messaging.

BlackBerry Priv Phone Review BlackBerry Priv Phone Review Reviewed by Dayu Okta on 6/15/2016 Rating: 5

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